We seek to enrich the lives of the needy and less fortunate through sponsorships and partnerships with NGOs, charitable organizations and welfare institutions. In the sphere of nation-building, we support health educational activities and community programmes that aim to enhance national unity and economic development. Our flagship CR programme that serve this purpose is known as Skuad Operasi Sihat (SOS). SOS is supported by our health awareness programme called Mesti Ambil Tahu.

  1. Skuad Operasi Sihat

Skuad Operasi Sihat (SOS) is a team of volunteers who not only perform health screening, but also provide resources and establish education and awareness for rural and marginalized populations in promoting a healthy lifestyle. The SOS vehicle is a converted ambulance that is equipped with basic facilities.


SOS opens opportunities for:

  1. The development of human capital through volunteerism
  2. Trainings in areas of medical relief and emergency response
  3. Partnerships with public or private institutions in ensuring a healthy Malaysia

SOS can also be deployed for humanitarian missions in times of national and international calamities and natural disasters.


  1. Mesti Ambil Tahu

Mesti Ambil Tahu is a consumer awareness campaign focusing on healthcare. The main objective of this campaign is to inculcate consumers’ awareness on the importance of proper medicine management. This includes following medication and storage instructions, knowledge of medicines that are prescribed, such as their generic and trade-names, awareness of possible side effects and the importance of communication with ones’s doctor or pharmacist.

SOS Mission: Health-check for the Titans

17 November 2013

Bantuan Mangsa Banjir, Kuantan

9 December 2013

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