1. The Envinronment

We are committed to maintaining a conducive working environment and ensuring environmental conservation. In line with our environmental policy, pollution control activities undertaken included the monitoring of energy and water usage, air emission quality, the management of scheduled waste and monitoring effluent water quality.

  1. Energy and water usage
    1. We ensure reduction in energy and water usage through its research and development, manufacturing and distribution processes which results in more efficient, cost effective operations while conserving natural resources vital to the Group and the communities in which it operates.

  2. Scheduled and non-hazardous waste
    1. We track scheduled waste sent off-site from our facilities. Scheduled waste is defined as any material, solid or liquid, that can no longer be used as it was originally intended and must be modified in some way for beneficial reuse or destroyed to render it harmless to human health and the environment. Non-hazardous wastes are discards from manufacturing, distribution and administrative sources including cardboard, paper, plastics and off-spec product, which we track, recycle or dispose.

  3. Effluents to water
    1. We measure parameters that contribute to water quality degradation, either in the form of depleted oxygen levels or toxicity to human and aquatic life to arrive at a total for discharge of general pollutants.

  4. Air emissions and noise & odours
    1. The monitoring of our air quality have shown readings that are below the Malaysian Environment Quality Act limits. We also encourage our neighbours to contact our engineering and facility management should nuisance issues such as noise and odours become a problem for any members of the community. The emission of carbon monoxide from our own fleet of lorries and vans as well as those of suppliers and third-party transporters is also regularly monitored.

Bantuan Mangsa Banjir, Kuantan

9 December 2013

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17 November 2013

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